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May 01, 2009


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Katie, Tell Debby to take good care of Molly. Poor little Jimmie Dean has his neutering surgery today. And they pulled three baby teeth that were in the way of his permanant teeth. Just like a kid!!! He's been on my lap on a little heating pad since I picked him up at 3:00 today. Poooooorrrrr little baaaaabbbbyyy. He's kind of awake now, but won't walk. He has only stood up a few times since we got home and he won't put Any pressure on his hind legs. They said to keep him quiet for five days!!! Yeah right an eight month old Yorkie QuIeT for 5? days? Yeah.. I baby him so much I may just sleep on the couch with him tonight since we're already set up with the heating pad for him on the couch. It's plenty big for the both of us. Especially if we snuggle. He's been a little sick at his stomach too, so I kinda want to watch him. Just like a mother, right? I told Mickey I really DO think of him as my son!!! weird...
I'm getting ready to start hooking a rug for in front of my kitchen sink. It's a Karen Kahle pattern with the big chicken with the BIG pink lips. I know you know the one if you know her work at all! We think it's hilarious and we try to be fun and happy people so why not put it in the kitchen? His name is Chicken in the Garden from her Vintage Catalog 2005. I have just hookin, no cookin too and couldn't decide so I let my hubby. He liked the chicken! I was surprised!! But I was hoping that was the one he would like. I'd like to start on it tomorrow. But tomorrow is the day the hookers meet in Ash Grove, MO. I have never been to that shop and would like to meet all of the other local hookers. I'll have to see how Jimmie Dean feels when we get up. Maybe daddy could watch him for a couple of hours. I'll bet he will!! There's also a nursery in Ash Grove I want to go to for a hydrangea vine. I have always read and drooled over them but could never find one. Belva, from our Springfield group told me about this place. I must have one!! Maybe two if they're that cool!!!
You girls are doing some lovely work up your way too. I forgot to get pictures at our Wednesday night group and we are switching to only hooking once a month for the summer. Too much other stuff going on, I guess.
Have a great weekend. And thanks for letting me blab...blab...blab


Hi Katie,
I have been out sick, so I hadn't been keeping up on blogging. You have so much great stuff going on at the shop! I can't wait to see Molly's babies!
Love you,

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