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April 19, 2009


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Karmen Sunshine

The little white rabbit should be named "Tammy-Faye." Just a suggestion to whomever becomes bunny mommy. Katie, is that an eagle? I would have thought hawk, but that white head....


Katie, what a blessing to live on the lake. I'm sure you see so many of God's creatures every day. And speaking of creatures...I LOVE the bunnies!!! I would have taken one home for sure! And I have Jimmie Dean, the Yorkie. See, they get along..God's creatures.
I did post pictures on my blog of the hook in. Please check it out! I posted people today, will post rugs tomorrow. Way too many pictures for one day! www.shabbysheep.blogspot.com
Welcome everyone to take a look! We had a blast.


OH MY GOSH!!! At first i thought those little bunnies were fake lil stuffed animals! LOL! That white one doesn't look real!!! And cute?!?!? Yah girl.. you are SO lucky you weren't there!! hahaha!!
And no, you are not boring! You can talk RH all day if you want, and many of us will just keep comin back for more and listen all day! :D That's snot boring!!
And now that the hook-in is over, and other hurdles accomplished, I think i may actually be able to finish up that purse I started for you, this week!! yay!! :) Hope you have a wonderfully blessed week Katie!!


love your photos. the bunnies are adorable! the bald eagle is amazing. and yes..god is good to us. no day can possibly boring when we love what we do, love our friends and family and enjoy the little things. you do that all so well. keep posting katie. i love coming here and seeing what you have to say! it's never boring to me.

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