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February 09, 2009


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Cute Katie lol. Have already bought my hubby a card. He always seems to buy me candy for that day, and each year I tell him, just a small candy bar would be fine. This year, I'm emphasizing it greatly. Put on weight from the holiday's and don't need any more chocolate. I have a real addiction to the darn stuff as it is lol. Perhaps we can just rent a movie and spend the evening together. That would be great for me.
Have a wonderful week!


What a scary thought! I'm in the same boat as you - - hmm - - -

Denise Walden

Now THAT is funny!!!!!!!!! I wonder about my Blogging friends! Do you? hahahhahah



One out of 4, huh? Well I'm getting together with 3 creative girlfriends tomorrow for dinner... there will be 4 out of 4 unstable chics around the table!!! How boring it would be if we didn't have at least one loose marble banging around in our heads!

katie paxton

Kathy,Gayle,Denise, and Dana, aren't girlfriends great. Think how boring it would be if we were all sane. Life can be so much fun.


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