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December 27, 2008


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Paula Bendig

Aw Katie!How nice to hear from you again!I have though about you often and wondered what and how you were doing my friend!I am so glad you are A Survivor of cancer!The wool hooking is fab.I actually have some old rugs printed out wainting to be hooked and an antique hooking needle or two.I always wanted to try it!The last couple of years,I went to college and got two art classes completed,passed both with 4.0 and the top of the class.It was great to know I could still remember enough to pass a test!LOL!Did better then all those young whippersnappers!It just shows you it's determination not age that makes one a winner!Your determination made you A winner against cancer!You Go Girl!


Hi Katie,
What a great holiday weekend! Eron, Jessica (spouse) and Andy came over last night. Andy's Jessica (former girlfriend) came over later. Adam and his dog left in the afternoon and didn't come back for dinner with us. He is in a bad way after his girlfriend broke up with him. I am glad Adam's dog went home though. Eron brought his pit bull over. My dogs have been hysterical for a week now. This morning feels more normal. It was really great to see you last week.

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