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December 02, 2008


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So glad you came to visit me at my log cabin blog so i could discover yours. I will pray for your recovery.


Hi Katie,
I am glad you are doing well. When I had my trouble in 2003, I joined "Hystersisters" for support. I bought a printed sleep shirt and coffee mug off their website, and they sent an extra coffee mug and a princess crown to wear after surgery. Don't you know I wore the sleep shirt and crown in the hospital and was happy to do so. But what the heck do you do with stuff like that a year down the road???? I don't remember, but it is good to be here not to remember.


Katie - continuing prayers!! Praise the Lord for no lymph node infection!!! Praying for swift healing! I am impressed with how quickly you were able to get in and get this done!! LOL @ the darn bra... but there's a reason you're supposed to wear it! Hang in there!!!!!

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